IOE Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering

The Institute of Engineering (IOE) is offering this course with the objective of producing high level technical manpower capable of undertaking works in the Mechanical Engineering field. The details of the course are as follows:

1.1 Title of the Course
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.
1.2 Duration of the Course
The total duration of the course is 4 years. Each year consists of two parts I and II, each part having a duration of 90 working days (15 weeks).
The course is divided into 8 parts. The first year courses include fundamental common subjects. The second and third year generally include specific courses of the related discipline. The final year include professional and application type courses.
The course structure attached in the later section of this book provides information about lecture, tutorial and practical hours per week, full marks and pass marks for internal assessment and final examination, and the duration of final examination of each subject.

First Year First Part

  1. Mathematics I  [SH401]
  2. Computer Programming [CT401]
  3. Engineering Drawing I [ME401]
  4. Engineering Chemistry [SH403]
  5. Fundamental of Thermodynamics  & Heat Transfer [ME402]
  6. Workshop Technology [ME 403]

First Year – Second Part

  1. Mathematics II [SH451]
  2. Engineering Drawing II [ME451]
  3. Basic Electronics Engineering  [EX451]
  4. Engineering Physics [SH452]
  5. Basic Electrical Engineering [EE451]
  6. Applied Mechanics [CE451]

Second Year – First Part

  1. Mathematics III  [SH501]
  2. Material Science [ME 501]
  3. Engineering Mechanics [ME 502]
  4. Metrology [ME 503]
  5. Applied Thermodynamics [ME 504]
  6. Computer Aided Drawing [ME 505]
  7. Electromagnetism [EX 503]

Second Year –  Second Part

  1. Probability And Statistics [SH 552]
  2. Electrical Machine [EE 554]
  3. Manufacturing And Production Processes [ME 551]
  4. Strength of Materials [ME 552]
  5. Instrumentation and Measurement [ME 553]
  6. Fluid Mechanics [ME 554]

Third Year –  First Part

  1. Numerical Methods [SH603]
  2. Control System [EE602]
  3. Organization and Management [ME601]
  4. Mechanics of Solids [ME602]
  5. Heat Transfer [ME 604]
  6. Fluid Machines [ME605]

Third Year – Second Part

  1. Communication English [SH651]
  2. Machine Design I [ME651]
  3. Industrial Engineering and Management [ME652]
  4. Theory of Mechanism and Machine I [ME653]
  5. Internal Combustion Engines [ME654]
  6. Energy Resources [ME655]

Fourth Year – First Part

  1. Machine Design II [ME701]
  2. Theory of Mechanism and Machine II [ME702]
  3. Engineering Economics [ME703]
  4. Turbo Machines [ME704]
  5. Environment and Pollution Control [ME705]
  6. Industrial Attachment [ME 706]

Elective I

  1. Automobile Technology [ME72501]
  2. Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning [ME72502]
  3. Gaseous Bio-Fuel [ME72503]
  4. Operations Research / Management Science [ME72504]
  5. Basics of Micro Hydropower Plant [ME72505]
  6. Basic Aircraft and Air Frame [ME72506]
  7. Tool Design for Economic Production [ME72507]

Fourth Year – Second Part

  1. Project Engineering [CE 751]
  2. Finite Element Method [ME751]
  3. Engineering Professional Practice [CE 752]
  4. Project I & II ME
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