IOE Engineering Drawing Solution I and II

An engineering drawing, a type of technical drawing, is used to fully and clearly define requirements for engineered items.  It communicates all needed information from the engineer who designed a part to the workers who will make it. Engineering drawings specify requirements of a component or assembly which can be complicated. Engineering drawing is compulsory course for all faculties of Engineering and the objective of this course is to help student develop basic projection concepts with reference to points, lines, planes and geometrical solids. Also to develop sketching and drafting skills to facilitate communication.

Read: Engineering Drawing II Syllabus

We have compiled some figure construction tips on Powerpoint. The steps for regular drawing figures (Cycloid, Helix, Ellipse, Hexagon, Hyperbola, Involute, Octagon, Parabola and Pentagon is available on Engineering Drawing – Figure Construction Tips and Tricks [Multimedia] post.

Engineering Drawing Solution First for First Year – First Part | Subject Code -ME401 Download [Google Drive]

Engineering Drawing Solution Second for First Year – Second Part for all Faculties | Download [Google Drive]


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