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This post consists of syllabus and course contents of Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Bachelor in Architecture (B.Arch) in Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University (TU) and entrance exams for Bachelor and Masters level. The courses listed here are newly updated syllabus (2066) and are followed by Institute of Engineering (IOE) constituent and affiliated Engineering Colleges / Academic Institutions affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal. The engineering courses for four years are: Computer (BCT), Civil (BCE), Electronics and Communication (BEX), Electrical (BEL), Mechanical (BME), Geomatics (BGE) comprised of eight semesters with two in each year for bachelor level except for architecture (B. Arch) which has five year course.

The details about each subject/course content along with the marking scheme can be accessed by clicking on the faculty.

  1. Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BCT) Syllabus
  2. Bachelor in Electronics and Communication (BEX) Syllabus
  3. Bachelor in Civil Engineering (BCE) Syllabus
  4. Bachelor in Architecture (B.Arch) Syllabus
  5. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (BME) Syllabus
  6. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (BEL) Syllabus
  7. Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering (BGE) Syllabus

BE, B.Arch Entrance Syllabus

To get admission in Bachelor in Engineering (BE) and B.Arch program operated in IOE affiliated and constituent Engineering campuses in Nepal, students must pass IOE Entrance exam. Read: Syllabus of IOE Entrance Exam for BE, B.Arch.

M.Sc Entrance Exam Syllabus

IOE has started (Post Graduate) Master Programs in 21 different streams in Central Campus Pulchowk, Thapathali Campus and WRC. Read: IOE M.Sc Entrance Syllabus.

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  1. Anil Basnet says:

    Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering (BGE) Syllabus has not been included. Please include this and help us.

  2. Shishir says:

    provide pdf version please

  3. Dinesh bhattarai says:

    plz provide me some model question of msc entrance exam for civil engineering

  4. Sanjaya says:

    How Do I get the official Syllabus outside Nepal? I need syllabus from BCE I/I , I/II and II/I.
    Thank you

  5. hari says:

    plz provide me some model question of msc entrance exam for civil engineering

  6. suman kharel says:

    can we jump into software engineering after doing electronics engineering from tu

  7. Mukesh Maharjan says:

    Can you provide the detail syllabus of the individual subjects of B. Arch. From 1st year to fifth year.

  8. Amrit says:

    Pls provide pdf syllabus for environmental engineering

  9. Namrata says:

    Please provide the syllabus of MSC in Information and Communication Engineering .

  10. Kishan Sah says:

    I want to add the syllabus and notes related Gematics Engineering, how can i do that?

  11. Kishan Sah says:

    sorry its Geomatics Engineering

  12. Aasish Thapa says:

    Please provide Msc course Syllabus too, thanks for these all information.

  13. Gaurav says:

    Please provide syllabus of Agricultural Engineering.

  14. Biduis says:

    please include Industrial Engineering Syllabus

  15. bibek raut says:

    is there any rule for lateral entry (direct second year admission in after doing e year of diploma) for equivalence

  16. sushil karkee says:

    is there any rule for lateral entry (direct second year admission in after doing 3 year of diploma) for equivalence

  17. Pradeen shrestha says:

    Plz included syllabus of master in structural engineering (not entrance syllabus)

  18. Bikash Neupane says:

    Industrial Engineering IOE ko hoina rw syllabus nw rakhya Industrial lai IOE le hepya ho kya Industrial lai. Please kept the SYLLABUS OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING.

  19. bishow says:

    Can I get a minor syllabus?

  20. Shef says:

    Please provide the syllabus of master level also

  21. Abhijat Pawan Bhattarai. says:

    Can You provide me full syllabus of Aeronautical Engineering in PDF??

  22. Raw mesh says:

    Please provide syllabus of bachalor in automobile engineering.

  23. rafiq says:

    include the syllabus for automobile engineering too..

  24. Sumit Paudel says:

    Can you please provide pdf version of BEX second year second part syllabus

  25. Sabin says:

    Electronics ko nayaa syallabus xa..khai ta update garya?????

  26. white_warrior says:

    where is the syllabus of BACHELOR IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING?

  27. Ranish Devkota says:

    please provide the syllabus for bachelor in electronics,communication and information engineering.(BEI)

  28. jay mangal says:

    please provide syllabus for diploma in civil engineering

  29. Prajit chaudhary says:

    I need notes of all chapter of Business environment in Nepal MBS 2nd semester

  30. Madhav Devkota says:

    please upload the course syllabus for Msc power system engineering of IOE.

  31. biplap shah says:

    I want syllabus (pdf file) of bachelor in electrical engineering can you provide me

  32. Manoj Sharma says:

    Please provide me course syllabus for masters in climate change and development.

  33. Dhurb das says:

    i want to know when will be entrance exam for master program?

    and syllabus for master program?

  34. Er. Ashok Bhandari says:

    i want the pdf file for entrance exam for applied Mathematics.

  35. suraj pathAK says:

    syllabus for diploma students through ctevt is also same?

  36. Bibek Singh says:

    Is anyone can please give advice about UGC scholarship that ioe has provided for some needy student .
    we can study master by complete B.E. program and can able to give PSC to take government job by getting UGC scholarship or not i am still in some confusion so please sir/madam give for feedback

  37. Sagun Ghimire says:

    Hey hello ,
    I am Sagun Ghimire and i did Diploma in Civil Engineering from TU before it was phase out.
    Now , i need its syllabus for my further studies, how do i get it?? I only found CTEVT syalabus but i am looking for TU diploma in Civil Engineering Syllabus.


  38. amol says:

    can some one send me the whole syallabus book of BEX?

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