IOE Starts Online Application form for Board Exam

The wait for online application form for board exams of Institute of Engineering(IOE) is finally over. In the first phase, the online form is being implemented for BE 4th year second part and B.Arch 5th year second part exam that is going to start from Magh 7th, 2074.

How to submit online form?

  • Students of 4th year BE and 5th year B.Arch have to verify their login from 2074 Math 10 to 14 from exam control division website:
  • If you face any trouble logging in, please contact associated college exam division
  • The online form application opens from Magh 16 to Magh 25, 2074

The online web portal for exam application form is applicable for all IOE affiliated and constituent colleges.


How to login into the online exam form submission system of IOE?

What is Unique IOE Roll Number?

  1. With the objective to provide resources currently available and considering future benefits like to provide result, notices, mark sheets etc., to the individual inbox of student, IOE has defined the 12 character string to its bachelor students and is implementing this as Unique IOE Roll Number from the year 2074 (2017).
  2. Unique IOE Roll Number has the following format:
    Campus Code (3 char) Batch (3 Digits) Stream (3 char) Number(3 Digits)
    Eg: PUL 070 BCT 502

    • If a student has a campus roll number at Pulchowk campus is 070/BCT/502, then its Unique IOE Roll Number is: PUL070BCT502
    • If a student has a college roll number at Kathmandu Engineering College is 071BCE044, then his/her Unique Roll Number is: KAT071BCE004
    • The existing campus/college roll number of those students of the batch up to 2073 (073 batch or before) are simply converted to Unique IOE Roll Number by prepending campus/college code. Like for example if a student of Paschimanchal Campus has campus/college roll number 072/BEX/420, you can just convert this number to Unique IOE roll number by putting campus/college code in the front and remove all the slashes if any.
      072/BEX/420 => 072BEX420 => PAS072BEX420
  3. IOE decided following three character campus/college code for its constituent and affiliated colleges.
    Table I: Campus/College Code
    SN Campus/College Code Campus/College Name
    1 PUL Pulchowk Campus
    2 THA Thapathali Campus
    3 PAS Paschimanchal Campus
    4 PUR Purwanchal Campus
    5 KAT Kathmandu Engineering College
    6 ACE Advance College of Engineering & Mgmt.
    7 KAN Kantipur Engineering College
    8 KCE Khwopa College of Engineering
    9 NCE National College of Engineering
    10 HCE Himalaya College of Engineering
    11 KIC Kathford Int’l College of Engineering & Mgmt.
    12 SEC Sagarmatha Engineering College
    13 JEC Janakpur Engineering College
    14 LEC Lalitpur Engineering College
  4. The stream/program code of every program under bachelor of engineering are listed in the table II below
    • Table II: Stream/Program Code
    • SN Campus/College Code Campus/College Name

1 BCE Bachelor of Civil Engineering
2 BCT Bachelor of Computer Engineering
3 BEX Bachelor of Electronics & Communication Engg.
4 BEL Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
5 BME Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
6 BAM Bachelor of Automobile Engineering
7 BIE Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
8 BGE Bachelor of Geomatics Engineering
9 BAG Bachelor of Agriculture Engineering
10 BAR Bachelor of Architecture

For the students of batch 2074 (074) and beyond, unique IOE roll number for all students of constituent campuses and affiliated colleges are centrally generated form IOE central admission portal. Students of 074 batch and beyond shall verify their admission records and view the unique IOE roll number from the central admission portal

5.  Campus/college generates the identity cards and maintains the attendance records of their students based on Unique IOE roll number generated form the central admission portal since the year 2074 (2017).

6. Every year, student’s admission records with Unique IOE roll number are automatically transferred to Exam Database for exam form application and result processing. Hence, this unique IOE roll number is the important one for every student to access the resources online within IOE.

7. Students can submit the application only form their login inbox. They have to supply the necessary credentials to login their own inbox. The Unique IOE Roll Number (eg: PUL070BCT542) should be supplied. Last Name (family name) should be supplied and the Date of Birth in Bikram Sambat in Year-Month-Day format (Eg; 2052-10-23). Any problem with login, students are requested to immediately contact campus/college administration and fix the problem. There might be login problem if any one of your roll no, last name or DOB is incorrect.

Read: Detail Notice on official website

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