IOE Syllabus of Enterprise Application Design And Development – Elective III

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Enterprise Application Design And Development(EADD) falls under Elective III for BE Computer and Electronics & Communication for Fourth Year – Second Part. It has 3 lectures, 1 tutorial and 1.5 practical. The objective of this course is to make engineering students familiar with design and implementation of scalable enterprise applications and introduce problem solving design patterns. It gives idea about development of service oriented solutions & design and implantation of Rich Internet Applications. The syllabus, reference book list and marking scheme listed below are as per the updated syllabus of IOE. Read: Chapter wise Notes and Slides of Enterprise Application Design And Development

  1. Introduction (3 hours)
    1. Enterprise Applications trends and Challenges
    2. Application Architecture
    3. Multi-tier Architecture
    4. MVC Architecture
  1. Design Pattern (6 hours)
    1. Introduction
    2. Creational Pattern
    3. Structural Pattern
    4. Behavioral  Patterns
  1. Database Concepts  (4 hours)
    1. Database Design
    2. Enterprise Database (Oracle/DB2/MSSQL)
    3. Database Connectivity (JDBC/ODBC)
    4. Connection Pool
  1. Service-Oriented Architecture (5 hours)
    1. SOA Concepts and principles
    2. XML/SOAP
    3. Web services
  1. Platform for Enterprise Solutions: Java EE5: (9 hours)
    1. Java EE Platform Overview
    2. Web Core Technologies: Servlets and JSP
  1. Enterprise Java Bean (6 hours)
    1. Enterprise JavaBean architecture
    2. Developing EJB3.0
    3. Session and message-driven EJBs
  1. Advanced Web Technology (12 hours)
    1. Web2.0 Introduction and Concepts
    2. Rich Internet Application Development
    3. AJAX
    4. AJAX Frameworks(Prototype Library, DWR Java Ajax Framework)

Reference Materials:

  • Kevin Mukhar, Beginning Java  EE 5, Apress,2006
  • Markl Grand, Patterns in Java, John Wiley & Sons,2003
  • Dana Moore,Raymond Budd, Edward Benson, Professional Rich Internet Application, John Wiley & Sons, 2007

Evaluation Scheme:

The questions will cover all the chapters of the syllabus. The evaluation scheme will be as indicated in the table below:

Chapters Hours Marks


1 3 5
2 6 11
3 4 7
4 5 9
5 9 16
6 6 11
7 12 21
Total 45 80

*There could be a minor deviation in Marks distribution

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