IOE Syllabus of Field Survey 1

Lecture : Year : II Tutorial : Part : II

Practical : 10 days (10*8 hrs) Field Works

The course in Geomatics Engineering Field works are intended to students different type of survey instrument and its calibration and practice in team to prepare map and Geomatics engineering survey and computation.
Field surveys:
10 days(80 hrs) fields surveys (Closed camp) within campus complex or nearby site will be conducted prior to start of session III/I lectures.
Field exercise includes:
1. Instrument familiarization
2. Intrument calibration and adjustment
3. Control surveys (Traversing/ Triangulation/ trilateration)
4. Detailed survey for topographic mapping
5. Highway design and construction survey ( alternatively transmission line/ Irrigation canal)
6. Bride site survey ( Alternatively irrigation head works/ hydropower ) Emphasis is placed on practical and

professional experience and students participate in organizational, planning, scheduling and logistic aspects of field operations
In addition to group field reports on each exercise, each student is required to prepare complete report on one selected major exercise.
Each group will be comprised of six students for field survey and teacher group ratio will be 1:3 (or teacher student ratio of 1:18)
Evaluation Criteria:
The evaluation scheme will be as indicated in the table below:



Mark distribution


Internal evaluation:


Field work group report



Individual report and viva



External evaluation

Final Viva




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