Science VS Engineering

I ran into this image on imgur and thought it worth sharing.
Science vs Engineering

You might be thinking what on earth are they doing with glass, spoon and coin? But that’s not the point. Also, lets not go whether the first one is photoshop-ed or not 😀

Do you think it signifies the difference in science and engineering. Some would say science shows what’s possible whereas engineering make it work in safer way or lazy engineers 🙂 or project funding request vs project funding received. 

This comment by a redditor made me feel hmm point to be noted:
Science: “This is what is theoretically possible given ideal circumstances. This is never meant to work in the real world, we’re just proving it’s possible.”
Engineering: “It works. Its safe. You want to use it? You don’t want to die? Good.”

Anyway, center of mass thing is what you should consider to balance the spoon. This could be a good science reason: “Considering penny and forks as separate bodies, the force applied by the forks to the penny is creating a torque, with the penny-cup contact point being the fulcrum. The center of mass of each of the forks is closer to the center of the cup, so the fork torque is actually lifting the outer edge of the penny.”

PS: You may try the science way in your home but may not be lucky enough.

So, what do you have in mind now? Don’t forget to comment below what you think is the difference.

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Raju Dawadi
Raju Dawadi
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