Grading & Evaluation System of IOE Exam for Bachelor in Engineering Courses

Students from any IOE Constituent or Affiliated Engineering Colleges who have passed all the the subjects in all parts(Four year for BE, Five years for B.Arch) are considered to have successfully completed the course by Institute of Engineering(IOE), Tribhuvan University(TU). All exams are conducted by the Exam Control Division, Chakupat, Lalitpur. The evaluation criteria is same for both national and international students admitted in IOE affiliated engineering colleges in Nepal.

Final Examination

Final examinations of 3 hours for theoretical subjects with full mark of 80 and 1.5 hours for theoretical subjects with full mark of 40 are conducted as per academic calendar of IOE. The distribution of mark for each subject is given at the end of course content. For evaluation purpose, all theoretical subjects are divided into 5 units. Each unit will carry 20 % of full marks in the final examination. There may be sub questions in each unit but each sub questions can have marks multiple of 4 only.

Pass Marks
Any student must obtain 40 % in both internal assessment and final examination of each subject to pass in the subject. Only students who have passed the internal assessment of a particular subject are allowed to appear in the final examination of that subject.

Internal Assessment
20 % of the total marks is allocated for internal assessment for theory part of all subjects. Internal assessment mark should include class performance, timely submissions and correctness of assignments, class tests, quizzes, etc. Evaluation of practical part of most of the subjects are done through continuous assessment. It includes lab performance, report submission, presentation, viva etc. However, for few courses final examinations are also conducted. 70 % attendance is mandatory to qualify for the final examination.

Total Percentage Calculation by the End of Engineering Degree

The overall achievement of each student is measured by a final aggregate percentage which is obtained by providing a weight to percentages scored by the students in each part as prescribed below:

Year/Sem Weightage Percentage
First year (both I and II Parts) 20%
Second year (both I and II Parts) 20%
Third year (both I and II Parts) 30%
Fourth years (both I and II Parts) 30%

Based on the total percentage of marks obtained by the Bachelor level students, the division is calculated considering the scheme as follows:

Percentage Acquired Division
80 % and above Distinction
65 % or above and below 80 % First
50 % or above and below 65% Second
40 % or above and below 50% Pass

The exams passed in back exams doesn’t have impact on total percentage acquired by the student during Five/Four year courses of Engineering. IOE evaluation system is based on marking scheme rather than the grading system which is available in other universities in Nepal like: Pokhara University.

How to get transcript?

After completing all the engineering courses, one can get transcript from Tribhuvan University Office, Balkhu by submitting all the marksheets of every subjects passed. If the marksheet is lost, the copy can be obtained from corresponding college or IOE Exam Control Division by paying Rs. 200 for each marksheet.

Further Studies in IOE

Thereafter, interesting candidate can apply for masters program in IOE whose entrance exam is generally scheduled at the first week of November. More information about the masters level entrance can be accessed from Detailed Info on IOE Entrance Examination of MSc page. Also, syllabus for the MSc entrance exam is available in here.

Engineering Council Certificate

Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) which is the authorized body for providing engineering certificate in Nepal accepts forms from all who have completed the engineering degree in various faculties. The registration process for the certificate along with the required documents to be presented to the council office is posted in detail on How to be registered engineer from Nepal Engineering Council page.

About Entrance Exam for BE, B.Arch

IOE Entrance Exam is held at the month of Shrawan or Bhadra which is Computer Based Test (CBT) and the entrance exam syllabus has been updated recently.

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  2. Sabrin says:

    How the total percentage is converted into gpa? For e.g what is my GPA if my percentage is 67?

  3. ranjan says:

    if percentage is 79 is it first division or distinction

  4. anjana says:

    total percentage calculation for architecture

    • Malika says:

      What is the evaluation system of Architecture ? It is a five years course how the markings are divided. Like in other engineering weightage of first and second year is 20 % each and that of third and fourth year is 30 % each

  5. Pukar says:

    Is it true that if you fail in a subject (and pass it later in back exam), its marks will be taken as zero during aggregate calculation ?

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    I’m interested in knowing how GPA is calculated for engineering in TU. You’ve any idea?

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    Is * (astrick) is seen in final marksheet for back paper exam ?

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    How long one have to wait to get transcript after result is published??

  9. Arnold Pandey says:

    what happens if u failed to pass for 8 years?? will u get a certificate of overseer??

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    Would you please elaborate on how to calculate aggregate percentage based on weightage percentage by an example? i didnt understand how to use weightage on individual semester marks.

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    How to calculate percentage of architecture

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    Where do i find the Official document of grading Scheme of Tribhuvan University, Institute of engineering???

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