Internet and Intranet Question Collection

2072 Magh – Internet and Intranet (CT754)

  1. What are teleports? Explain the hierarchical structure for management of internet number resources. [2+8]
  2. How has RFC helped in the development and distribution of internet? Write about IPV6 addressing in detail. [4+6]
  3. What do you think are the features that a web browser need to incorporate? Compare and contrast among POP, SMTP and IMAP. [5+5]
  4. What is WWW? Define HTTP header with its connection type. [2+8]
  5. What are the factors to be considered for a well designed network? Considering these factors, propose a redundant network design architecture in hierarchical form for a bank having four departments namely Human Resources (20 PCs), Marketing (20 PCs), Finance (45 PCs) and IT (30 PCs). Each department has managed own DHCP server. IT department has manged FTP server, HTTP server and DNS server as well. Use suitable L1, L2, L3 devices, physical wires, patch cords, patch panels and wireless access points. [12]
  6. What is RADIUS? Describe proxy load balancing with respect to CARP. [2+8]
  7. Discuss the different XDSL technologies. [10]
  8. Write short notes on: [4+4]
    1. XML
    2. DHCP
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