Instrumentation II – Question Set 1

Question collection of Board exam of IOE


Subject: Instrumentation II (EX602) 

  1. Design a cable that has a USB connector at one end and an RS-422 connector at the other end. Assume the USB is connected to a laptop and the RS-422 connector is attached to a printer. Your design should include the following: [6]
  2. a.
  3. Write short note on PCI bus. [2]
  4. Interface a keyboard and a printer in mode 1. Port A is designed as input for keyboard with interrupt I/O port B is designed as output for printer with status check I/O. Draw mapping circuit and write the control word and address map. [6]
  5. a.
  6. How do you select a microprocessor or a microcontroller for your project? [3]
  7. Explain the block diagram of a microprocessor based instrumentation system. What are the basic features of a microprocessor based instrumentation system? [5]
  8. Technical names of the pins and wires involved in the design.
  9. Intermediate chips to maintain voltage uniformity between the two standards.
  10. Neat and labeled sketch of the wiring between the two standards.
  11. What is a USB interface chip? Why are they required? Compare and contrast USB device interface chips and USB host interface chips. [4]
  12. a. Calculate the values of LSB, MSB, resolution and full-scale output for an 8-bit DAC for the 0 to 10V range. [2]
  13. How can you design a DAC with 12 bit resolution with 8085 microprocessor having 8 bits data lines? Explain with suitable block diagram. [6]
  14. a. What are the essential components of data acquisition system? Explain with the help of block diagram. [4]
  15. Explain bluetooth network topology in brief. What are the advantages of Bluetooth applications? [4]
  16. a. What are the characteristics of a safety ground? [2]
  17. Describe different types of noise coupling mechanism in brief. How do you check their predominance in the circuit? [4]
  18. A data logger receives signals from a bluetooth scatternet. The scatternet consists of three piconets and within each piconet there are four bluetooth devices. The piconets communicate within themselves and amongst each other using the master/slave protocol. [10]
  19. Describe an analogy transmission mechanism to capture the bluetooth signals by data logger. Draw a complete system block diagram.
  20. Describe the master/slave protocol that is present in bluetooth piconets and scatternets.
  21. Draw the scatternet topology depicting the scenario maintained in the question. Make sure you adhere to the rules of the master/slave protocols.
  22. a. While designing an electronic instrument you should group circuits according to their characteristics to maintain the correct operation of each circuit. What are the considerations during grouping components and circuits and what is the impact of such grouping? [4]
  23. What are the factors that derive reliability of an electronic system? [2]
  24. Compare and contrast the three traditional models of software development with respect to their strengths and weaknesses. Propose a fourth software development model that outperforms the classical methods and justify your choice in terms of reliability, maintainability, flexibility, portability and reusability.
  25. Draw the complete block diagram of industrial process control system involved in your case study. Explain why you want to implement this control system over existing one in terms of cost, manpower and plant automation. What problems you might face after implementing this control system. [12]


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