Information System Question Collection

2072 Shrawan

    1. Define Information System. Discuss different information system components? What are different quality requirements that an information system should possess. [5]
    2. What are different types of Information Systems? Explain them in brief. [5]
  1. What are different security threats while deploying Information Systems over extranet of business firm? What are the technologies for migrating the security risks in Information Systems? [4+4]
  2. What are the differences between traditional Information Systems and Enterprise Systems? Explain with examples. [8]
    1. Define and explain DSS systems with suitable diagram. Discuss key characteristics of GDSS systems. [5]
    2. What is Data Warehouse? Why do you require data warehouse along with operational databases? How is it related with data mining? [5]
    3. Discuss four different areas of information systems that use data analytics and related techniques. [5]
  3. Why do you think change management is important during IS implementation? What are different change management tactics that is to be applied during execution of change management? [5]
  4. Define Collective Intelligence. How does it help refinement of Knowledge Management System (KMS) of an organization? Explain with suitable example. [2+4]
    1. What is a recommender system? How does it work? Discuss different examples of recommender systems. [5]
    2. What do you understand by web mining? Discuss web mining with regard to structure mining.
  5. What is distributed system? Describe Hadoop systems. How voluminious data are handled? [2+2+4]
  6. Write short notes on: [5*3]
    1. OLTP and OLAP
    2. Collaborative filtering
    3. Data mining and data warehousing


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Information System (CT751) Question – New Back(2066 & Later Batch)

2072 Magh

  1. “An information system supports managers in decision making”. Illustrate it with your thoughts. What are different quality requirements that an information system should possess? [5+3]
    1. What are different threats to Information System in terms of Security? Discuss different controls and security measures (including physical and logical) that are to be applied to project Information Systems? [2+5]
    2. What is multi layer security strategy? Discuss how multi layer security strategy can be applied to protect e-commerce systems. [5]
    1. What to you understand by Electronic Organization (Digital Firm)? Discuss the concept of Enterprise management systems. [5]
    2. What is the use of ERP systems in enterprise? Discuss key feature and functionality of an ERP software system. [5]
  2. Describe Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) for modern organizations. How do they help organization learning? [6+2]
  3. What do you mean by strategic information system? What are different benefits of using strategic information systems? [6]
  4. State Link Analysis in Web Search. How does a Search Engine Work? Discuss its architecture. [3+4]
  5. What do you mean by cloud computing? Illustrate what type of cloud technologies would you recommend for a small business firm with high level of accuracy and security required for business transactions? [3+5]
  6. Explain Big Data. How is it proceed? [2+4]
  7. Write short notes on: [3*5]
    1. ERP, CRM, SCM
    2. OLTP and OLAP
    3. Next Generation Balance ScoreCard
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