Electronic Devices and Circuits EDC Question Set 1

Question collection of Board exam of IOE

Tribhuvan University

Institute of Engineering

Examination Control Division

2070 Chaitra – Regular

Subject: Electronic Devices and Circuits (EX501)

Programme: BEL, BEX, BCT

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

Figures in margin indicate Full Marks

(There may be minor errors while typing the questions. Please leave comment if any typos)

  1. What is p-n junction diode? Explain the large signal models of p-n junction diode. [1+4]
  2. Find the value of dynamic resistance if voltage in the diode is 650mv and Irs is 10pA = (10*10^-12A). Given n=2 and V1=25mV. [5]
  3. Why common collector amplifier is also called emitter follower? Draw the common collector transistor amplifier circuit and find its input impedance, output impedance and voltage gain. [8]
  4. Draw and describe the Ebears Moll model for BJT. [4]
  5. Describe in brief the operation of BJT as a switch in cut off and saturation region. [4]
  6. Describe the construction and working principle of EMOSFET with help of drain characteristics curve and mathematical expressions.
  7. Find Id and Vds for the given circuit. The given data are: Vp = -4V and Idss = 10mA [5]
  8. Derive an expression to obtain the transconductance of JFET. [3]
  9. What is the maximum efficiency of class B amplifier? State the condition when it occurs. [4]
  10. When are tuned amplifiers used? Draw class A tuned amplifier circuit and find its 3db bandwidth. [2+5]
  11. Draw the circuit diagram of Complementary-Symmetry Class-AB amplifier. Using Darlington pair transistors. [3]
  12. Write the applications of tuned LC oscillators. Draw the Colpitt’s oscillator circuit and derive the expression for frequency of oscillation. [6]
  13. Draw AMV circuit using IC 555 or BJT. [4]
  14. State Barkhausen Circuit for sin wave oscillator. [2]
  15. Design a (10-25) V variable dc series voltage regulator using LM 317 IC. [5]
  16. Draw the circuit of current limiting circuit in dc voltage regulator. [2]
  17. Find voltage stability factor of series dc voltage regulator. [5]
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