Database Management System (DBMS) Question 2072 Ashwin

Question collection of Board exam of IOE
  1. Why data independence is important in data modeling? Differentiate between physical and logical data independence.
  2. Draw an ER-diagram for the following mini-case. What is the difference between strong and weak entity sets?
  3. Write relational algebra queries for (a, b, c). Write SQL queries for  (i, ii, iii)
    1. Retrieve the detail of employee with eno, add, dob, phone with highest salary.
      1. Create above table Emp as indicated [2]
      2. Find employee who earns more than 50000, works in CS department and name contains alphabet a. [2]
      3. Increase salary of those employee who ears less than average by 25% [2]
    2. Find total amount spent by ECON department for its employee salary. [2]
    3. Find total number of posts in CS department. [2]
    1. What is lossless decompostion and dependency preservation? Suppose that we decommpose the schema R = (A, B, C, D, E) into (A, B, C) and (C, D, E). Is it lossless decomposition? Is it dependency preserving? Consider that the following set F of functional dependencies hold:
      1. A -> BC
      2. CD -> E
      3. B -> D
      4. E -> A
    2. What is importance of normalization? Define BCNF. [2+3]
  4. Explain the steps involved in query processing. What is the significance of materialized views? [6+2]
  5. Write about fixed length record and variable length record organization DBMS. Define B+ free structure used for indexing. [4+4]
  6. Explain different states of a transaction along with state transition diagram. Explain conflict serializability with example. [4+4]
  7. Explain briefly two phase locking protocol for Concurrency Control. [4]
  8. Explain in detail the working of log-based recovery system. [6]
  9. Explain the importance of data warehouse in decision making. Write the application areas of spatial database. [3+3]
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