Complete Notes of Microprocessor with Tutorials and Solutions

Microprocessors (Subject Code: EX 551) was introduced by IOE for BE Computer, Electronics & Communication and other faculties for Second Year – Second Part with the aim to familiarize students with programming, hardware and application of microprocessor.

Complete course listing, syllabus along with marking scheme & recommended books by IOE can be accessed from IOE BE Syllabus of Microprocessor page.

The chapter wise class notes of Microprocessors in pdf files listed below are compiled by Er. Hari Aryal. Thanks a lot to Aryal sir for his effort.

Click on corresponding chapter to view related notes. You can download each file to read them offline too.

  1. Introduction
  2. Programming with 8085 Microprocessor
  3. Programming with 8086 Microprocessor
  4. Microprocessor System
  5. Interrupt Operations
  6. Advanced Topics

Apart from the class notes, we have got some programming tutorials and their solutions too. The questions and solutions can be viewed or downloaded following links:

Despite hard effort, there might be some minor typos in the files. If you find any, please feel free to point out.

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Raju Dawadi
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  1. Jagdish says:

    Bro, chapter 3 Programming with 8086 Microprocessor pdf is showing some errors. I downloaded it successfully but couldnot open it Says ‘file is damaged’. Can u plz check it ..
    Thank you very much and u are doing a good job man.

  2. Arjun says:

    Thank you so much Dai.
    Could you write notes on COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE ALSO plzz.

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