IOE Syllabus of Project II for Computer Engineering

Project-II (Subject Code: CT 755) is introduced in IOE Syllabus for Bachelor in Engineering of all streams with the objective to develop hand-on experience of working in a project. During the course, students have to design and complete a functional project which should require integration of various course concepts. Students will develop various skill related to project management like team work, resource management, documentation and time management.

  1. Group formation (No exceeding 4 persons per group
  2. Project concept development (software concept must include for computer engineering and hardware/software elements include electronics & Communication engineering)
  3. Proposal preparation (proposal content: title, objective, scope of project, methodology, expected outcome, hardware/software element, list of quipment, and historical background and reviewed hould be clearly reflected)
  4. Project documentation (follow the project documentation guideline)

Evaluation Scheme

Project (Part B): Internal and Final Evaluation is done on the basis of Regularity

of the work, Completeness of project, Documentation, Progress Presentation and a final presentation.

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Raju Dawadi
Raju Dawadi
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