IOE Syllabus of Applied Physics

Applied physics is included in the course of Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering (BGE) in IOE affiliated and constituent engineering colleges. It has:-

Lecture : 3 Year : II
Tutorial : 0 Part : I
Practical : 2

The following course contents are according to the syllabus updated in 2066.

  1. Fundamental of radiation detection: (4 hours)
    1. Introduction
    2. Radiation techniques such as employed in geophysical prospecting, non-destructive testing, agriculture etc
    3. X-ray radiography, ultrasonic waves, laser films(To measure optical density)
    4. The basic physical principles involved in the design, construction and operation of detections of alpha , beta , gamma rays and neutrons are investigated
  2. Optics and electro optics: (7 hours)
    1. Monochromatic aberration
    2. Illumination in optical systems
    3. Projector, spectrograph, computed radiograph(CR)quality and processing electronic microscope, volume phase holograph (VPH), Sextant
    4. Radiation detectors: UV, visible infrared
    5. Solar cells, PV cells
    6. Lasers, Gaussian beams
    7. Photographic processes
  3. Physics of imaging (7 hours)
    1. Introduction: pixels, Voxels, image making, gray scale
    2. Image compressions, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)
    3. Panel detector
    4. Display monitor, resolution, brightness
    5. Fluoroscopic image acquisition
    6. Paramagnetic resonance, ferromagnetic resonance and imaging (MRI)
    7. Ultrasound imaging; attenuation, absorption, scattering, transducer, NMR, Electron spin resonance, Mossbauer effect
    8. Piezoelectric effect, Doppler system
  4. Remote sensing: (3 hours)
    1. Principle and method
    2. Satellite remote sensing
    3. Microwave
  5. Radiation imaging (4 hours)
    1. Gamma chamber
    2. Solid state detector, single photon emission captured tomography (SPECCT)
    3. Position emission tomography(PET)
  6. Nano technology (4 hours)
    1. Low dimension, Zero dimension
    2. Nano particles, Nano wires, Nano rods, nanotubes
  7. Geomagnetism (6 hours)
    1. Terrestrial magnetism
    2. Magnetizing field, intensity of magnetism
    3. Magnetic susceptibility, permeability, reluctance, permeance
    4. Magnetic, moment of an atom and molecules
    5. Soft and hard magnet
  8. Measurement techniques (4 hours)
    1. Design and concept of physics experiment
    2. Standard and calibration
    3. Error and uncertainty
    4. Basic concept of data analysis
    5. Standard deviation of samples
    6. Gaussian distribution, curve fitting data
  9. Atmospheric physics (6 hours)
    1. Short wave, long wave radiation
    2. Spectra of observed short wave and long wave radiation
    3. Absorption of radiation: Lambert’s law
    4. Emission of radiation; Plank’s law displacement law, Stefan Boltzmann law
    5. Scattering of radiation
    6. The general equation of radioactive transfer

Following laboratory exercises will be performed in this course. These are:

  1. Photo cell
  2. Maximum power transfer
  3. Half life period of radioactive substance
  4. IR/UV detection
  5. Equivalent combination of lenses
  6. Geomagnetism
    Three assessments: Mean of three will be final marks


  • Modern engineering physics,A.SVasudeva, S. chand publication
  • Engineering physics, Malik and singh, tataMcgraw Hill education Pvt Ltd
  • Fundamental of atmossphric physics, M Salby, Academic press
  • Nicholas Tsaulfranidis and Sheldon Landsberger, Taylor and Francis group “Measurement and Detection of Radiation”

Evaluation Scheme
There will be questions covering all the chapters in the syllabus. The evaluation schemes for the question will be as indicated in the table below:




Marks distribution*
























* There might be minor deviation in marks distribution

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