IOE Msc Syllabus For Civil Agricultural Engineering (CA)

Curriculum / Syllabus / Prescribed Courses for Masters level Entrance exam for Institute of Engineering (IOE) Pulchowk Campus, Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal. Entrance Examination for Civil & Agricultural Engineering (CA) will be of a single paper of 2 hours duration consisting of two sections:

  • Section- A: It consists of 45 questions of 50 marks.
  • Section-B: This section consists of stream specialized course with 50 nos. of questions of 1 mark each. Each question will be of objective type with multiple choice answers and 10% negative marking for each wrong answer

The Section-A syllabus which common for all streams for Masters level Entrance Exam in Institute of Engineering (IOE) Pulchowk Campus can be accessed from IOE Msc Entrance Syllabus.


Civil & Agricultural Engineering (CA) [50 × 1]

Structural Engineering [10]

Stress and strain, Bending and deflection and its equations, Statically determine structure: displacements by energy principles; static and kinematic indeterminacies; analysis of indeterminate structures; slope-deflection and moment-distribution methods; influence lines for determinate and indeterminate structures; trusses; two and three hinged arches; analysis of trusses and frames; concepts of plastic analysis of beams.

Geo-technical Engineering [10]

Soil classification; three phase system, fundamental definitions, relationship and inter- relationships, permeability and seepage, effective stress principles, consolidation, compaction, shear strength.

Sub-surface investigation, drilling bore holes, sampling, penetrometer tests, plate load test; earth pressure theories, effect of water table, layered soils; stability of slopes-infinite slopes, finite slopes; foundation types- foundation design requirements; shallow foundations: bearing capacity.

Water Resources Engineering [10]

Physical properties, Fluid pressure, Equilibrium stability of floating bodies, Fluid kinematics, Classification of fluid flow, Dynamics of flows, Euler’s equation, Bernoulli’s equation, Navier stokes equation Boundary layer theory, Momentum equation, Open channel flow, Uniform and Non uniform flow, Energy & momentum principle for open channel flow, Flow in mobile boundary channel, Flow over notches & weirs, Gradually varied flow, Hydraulic Jump and its analysis, Similitude and physical modeling, Physical hydrology, Surface runoff, Rainfall-runoff correlation, Hydrograph Analysis, Unit hydrographs, Peak flow estimation

Transportation Engineering [10]

Urban Road Net-work, Classification Roads (NRS), Requirements of Highway Alignment, Factors Controlling Highway Alignment, geometric elements of roads and their design parameters, highway Drainage System, Road Aggregate, Bituminous Road Binders, Traffic Studies, Traffic Control Devices, Road Intersections, design of Flexible pavements, construction and maintenance of bituminous roads, types of bridges, methods of tunneling.

Water Supply & Sanitary Engineering [10]

Introduction of Water Supply Engineering, Sources of water, Quantity of Water, Quality of Water, Intake Works, Water Treatments- natural, artificial, Sedimentation, Filtration, Disinfection, Reservoirs and Distribution System, Conveyance of water, Valves and Fittings.

Introduction of sanitary engineering, Quantity of Waste Water, Characteristics and Examination of Sewage, Design and Construction of Sewers, Sewer Appurtenances, Sewage Disposal, Sewage Treatment, Sludge Treatment and Disposal, Disposal of Sewage from Isolated Buildings, and Solid Waste management.


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