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IOE Entrance Result 2078/079(2021) will be published here !!!

For admission in various Engineering Colleges affiliated to Institute of Engineering(IOE) under Tribhuvan University(TU), the Entrance Exam department conducts entrance exam for admission in various streams of engineering for Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering(BE) and Masters level(Msc) in Pulchowk Engineering College generally at the month of August and November respectively. The selection exam is taken few months after the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) final exam of grade 12 but before the publication of science result. One who has passed in the entrance exam will be eligible for admission in IOE constituent and affiliated Engineering Colleges in Nepal.

IOE BE, B.Arch Entrance Syllabus 2078/079(2021)

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Exam Location and Cost

The examination center for the entrance exam will be conducted in ICTC building Pulchowk, Kathmandu. Please contact Entrance Exam Board at ICTC Pulchowk for foreign nationals.

Registration charge: NRs. 2,000

Publication of IOE Entrance Result

The result of entrance exam is published within 3-4 days of completion of the computer based test of all applicants. No aptitude test will be take for this year 2078/079.

Requirement for Entrance Exam Form Submission


Date of Entrance Exam

Following the trend till now, the entrance exam for Bachelor’s degree in engineering and architecture is held at the second week of Bhadra every year at different timing based on the entrance exam roll(symbol) number provided by IOE Entrance Exam Department at Chakupat, Lalitpur.

For Foreign/International Students

Students from foreign nations (SAARC or abroad) can get admission in BE, B.Arch courses but they also have to appear same entrance exam as general candidate. One twelfths of total full fee seats in IOE constituent campuses are reserved for foreign nationals.

Entrance exam for foreign students will be as follows:

1.Foreign nationals graduated from Nepalese campuses and higher secondary schools Should appear entrance exam in a similar way as Nepali students.
2. Foreign students from SAARC countries Should appear entrance exam specified by Entrance Examination Board.
3.Foreign students other than from SAARC countries Can be enrolled as per the permission granted by Entrance Examination Board.

Read: Admission Information for International Students in IOE.

Type of Exams

The entrance exam of Institute of Engineering(IOE) has Computer Based Test (CBT) where the candidate should obtain Threshold Marks to get admission in various engineering college including Pulchowk Campus. The total marks of the IOE Entrance exam is 140 and it is held for 2(?) hours. Further details of marking scheme of each stream is on IOE Entrance Syllabus page.

What After Result?

Get Score Card

The marks and ranking obtained by the entrance exam candidate is provided via score card which can be obtained by logging on the entrance exam website with details of students. The color print of score card should be presented to the college at the time of admission.

Admission in Pulchowk Campus, WRC, ERC and Thapathali Engineering Campus

Most of the successful candidates prefer to get admission in Pulchowk Campus which has seat capacity of about 432(228 – regular & 204 – full-fee) for different faculties. Other remaining colleges: Purbanchal Engineering Campus also called as Eastern Regional College(ERC) Dharan, Paschimanchal Campus also called as Western Regional College (WRC) Pokhara and Thapathali Campus also offer the same criteria for admission as in the central campus, Pulchowk. One who is interested to get admission should apply for selected course. The admission is done in two types of seat: general and paid. Though it won’t cost much more under paid scheme as in other private engineering colleges, one has to pay the semester fee. After applying for admission, the constituent colleges publishes the list of selected applicants and further admission procedure starts.

Admission in Other Private Engineering Colleges

There are a total of 10 private engineering colleges, all in Kathmandu valley which are affiliated to Tribhuvan University and has included Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Architecture courses by Institute of Engineering(IOE), the engineering wing of TU.

The colleges invites for application(online or offline) for BE admission after the publication of IOE Entrance Result. Interested candidate can apply paying nominal fee. Here, the selection is not common for all of the colleges. Some state the minimum marks to be obtained in the IOE Entrance Result whereas some take admission on first come – first serve basis too.

Here is the list of the engineering colleges operated in private investments:

  1. Kantipur Engineering College
  2. Kathmandu Engineering College
  3. Himalaya College of Engineering
  4. Advance College of Engineering and Management
  5. National College of Engineering
  6. Kathford International college of Engineering and Management
  7. Janakpur Engineering College
  8. Khwopa Engineering College
  9. Lalitpur Engineeering College
  10. Sagarmatha Engineering College
Constituent Campuses Affiliated Colleges
Pulchowk Campus,Pulchowk Kantipur Engineering College National College of Engineering
Thapathali Campus,Thapathali Kathmandu Engineering College Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
Purwanchal Campus, Dharan Himalaya Engineering College Janakpur Engineering College
Paschimanchal Campus, Pokhara Advanced College of Engineering and Management Khwopa College of Engineering
Chitwan Engineering Campus, Rampur, Chitwan (Proposed) Sagarmatha Engineering College Lalitpur Engineering College

Starting of Class of BE, B.Arch

As per the routine of IOE, the class of all the new batch of students including the new semester of remaining years starts generally from the second week of Mangsir.


The result of entrance exam 2077/078(2020) will be available on IOE Result page.

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  1. play store says:

    what are the criterias to study bachelor in CSIT ? should i go to any institution to pass the entrance exam? is the entrance for IT differrent than of IoE?

    • Bikash says:

      exactly the entrance for IT is different than IOE it is conducted by TU in the first week of ashwin and about the institution, entrance question is easier than the IOE so if you have good knowledge from academic we can pass but also you can tally the MCQs once..
      hope it is helpfull for you

  2. prakash khati says:

    Is it necessary to take entrance exam of pri ate engineering colleges after the result of IoE?

  3. Bikash says:

    Assist please anyone who has passed BE entrance in 2072 can be eliigble to study in private college without attending the BE entrance of 2073..

  4. devendra sharma says:

    its a good thing and best for student like me to get schoolership through such entarnce exam……

  5. Ashul says:

    Can we apply for computer engineering if we hadn’t studied computer in +2?

  6. Brajesh says:

    Hey i want to know how much mark in math is needed to be eligible for ioe . And i am bio group student and taken math as extra.

  7. Kushal Adhikari says:

    Can we study Computer engineering if we hadn’t studied computer in +2 ??

  8. Manoj says:

    Having agreegate 57% in +2.. can they apply for civil engineering.

  9. Sagar Silwal says:

    can you please explain admission process for B/Arch.I mean if one wants to study in ERC dharan; then should he/ she should go there for aptitude test or
    they can give aplitude test from pulchowk to study in IOE(Dharan)
    (really confused, please help)

  10. Rinky jha says:

    can you please tell girls quota also includes the girls whose name is already published within 432 in pulchowk

  11. Rinkey jha says:

    can you please tell girls quota also includes the girls whose name is already published within 432 in pulchowk

  12. Ram kumar bhandari says:

    Is Electronics and communication engineering offered by KU different to that of TU? KU has specified about specialization in communication which makes this matter so confusing for me. And yes. thank you!

  13. Archana Gupta says:

    Can a student studying from CBSE board in Nepal apply for scholarship in Pulchowk? Please suggest me if any one knows regarding it.

  14. how many sit are in ioe exam explain about and when wii exam is taken

  15. Simon shrestha says:

    For studying B.E at civil engineer,i am a biology group student but taken mathematics as a non-credit subject, if i failed in maths in exam of grade 12 2074.then what happens? but if i am selected at ioe entrance at pulchowk in the same year, then i think without passing mathematics in class 12 examinations i cannot join the pulchowk and other tu affilated colleges ? i think i have to give only mathematics exam as supplementary 2074 and got passed then do i have the possibility to study from the same year 2074. OR I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT YEAR??…..DO I??.please help me and give me a suggestions dudes……….

    • Raju Dawadi says:

      I don’t think you can give supplementary exam for non-credit subject. Are you sure of that? If you can, still it won’t be possible for current year.

  16. Rocky says:

    Is Transcipt necessary for filling IOE exam form for those students who have passed class 12 ,1 year before? Does it require transcipt?? And if it is required then will the scanned document of transcipt will be enough or we need the orginal document right there to fill up the form?

  17. Raziya says:

    Can bio group apply for ioe entrance????

  18. Nishan basnet says:

    My name is not listed in passlist,now can’t I study engineering in any clz?

  19. ram says:

    can we not study engineering without giving IOE exam?

  20. Shakti shrestha says:

    Can we get notes for the preparation of ioe entrance exam?

  21. Prashant says:

    I want to study B.Arch in Pulchowk. So should I have to give the Entrance exam with B.E. or what???? Can you please give me a complete information for B.Arch.???

  22. Santosh chaulagain says:

    Is there any provision in IOE scholarship scheme for students who have completed their SLC from a government school and who are from out of valley ?

  23. Jerry says:

    from nepal but,,i m persuing diploma last semester in india ,,,what are the document required for the entrace form in pulchowk for BE

  24. Evrina says:

    Hey I’m very much confused. Can someone please help?
    I really have interest in learning B.arch but my problem is that I was a bio student in +2 however I took maths but wasnt able to give examination of it in board due to family problems. So I’m thinking of preparing and giving maths exam this year. But by doing this would I be eligible to study B.arch and give IOE entrance exam?

  25. Bishal chand says:

    In terms of GPA score of 11 if one has secured D+ marks in biology and he has above C+ in other subject then is he able for taking entrance exam of ioe plzzz help

  26. Dipesh sharma says:

    I am going to give exam of BE.but I have doubt that I will fail in one creditable subject in class 12.can I study engineering this year after giving supplementary exam? I am looking forward to your reply soon because I need to attain bridge course soon for B.E.

  27. Aayusha pandit says:

    Each subject maa c grade theory maa matra aauna parni ki practical and theoretical mark add garera C grade minimum aauna parni …
    Please vandinu hola

  28. aayush says:

    Minimum Grade Required For Admission in ioe from A Level

  29. Sushan thapa says:

    I am a biology group student.
    I have secured D+ in non credit (number does not count in marksheet) mathematics.
    In aggregate with class11 it is C.
    Could i give entrane of IOE and read under TU colleges.
    Please reply me i am seriously interested in next year IOE exam.

  30. amrit karki says:

    for it is it mandatory to pass ioe exam or else

  31. Bipesh says:

    What is the cost to read 5 years course in B.Arch ?

  32. Bikram says:

    What is the minimum marks one should score to pass?

  33. Dilip says:

    Maximum duration of civil engineering if students won’t pass in four years

  34. Intaf Malik says:

    In board exam .I have scored D+ In Nepali from government college. i can give IOE exam or not?? And if i had passed the entrance exam then i would get admission or not?? In TU affiliated government college bt if had given supplemenry exam then can i get admission in IOE?? Plzz…help me .

  35. Shikshya poudel says:

    can we not study engineering without giving IOE exam

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