IOE Syllabus of Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BCT)

Bachelor of Computer Engineering IOE BCT Syllabus, New Course which is Updated Syllabus (2066), Course Contents for Institute of Engineering (IOE) including affiliated Engineering Colleges / Academic Institutions affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal.

First Year First Part

  1. Mathematics I  [SH401]
  2. Computer Programming [CT401]
  3. Engineering Drawing I [ME401]
  4. Engineering Physics [SH452]
  5. Applied Mechanics [CE451]
  6. Basic Electrical Engineering [EE451]

First Year – Second Part

  1. Mathematics II [SH451]
  2. Engineering Drawing II [ME451]
  3. Basic Electronics Engineering  [EX451]
  4. Engineering Chemistry [SH403]
  5. Fundamental of Thermodynamics  & Heat Transfer [ME402]
  6. Workshop Technology

Second Year – First Part

  1. Mathematics III  [SH501]
  2. Object Oriented Programming [CT 501]
  3. Electrical Circuit Theory [EE 501]
  4. Theory of Computation [CT 502]
  5. Electronics Devices and Circuit [EX 501]
  6. Digital Logic [EX 502]
  7. Electromagnetism [EX 503]

Second Year –  Second Part

  1. Electrical Machine [EE 554]
  2. Numerical Method [SH 553]
  3. Applied Mathematics [SH 551]
  4. Instrumentation I [EE 552]
  5. Data Structure and Algorithm [CT 552]
  6. Microprocessor [EX 551]
  7. Discrete Structure [CT 551]

Third Year –  First Part

  1. Communication English [EG604SH]
  2. Probability and Statistics
  3. Computer organization and Architecture (Read Chapter-wise Note – COA)
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Computer Graphic (Access Reference Note)
  6. Instrumentation II (Access Complete Notes)
  7. Data Communation (Access Important Questions)

Third Year – Second Part

  1. Engineering Economics [CE 655]
  2. Object Oriented Analysis and Design [CT 651]
  3. Artificial Intelligence [CT 653]
  4. Operating System [CT656]
  5. Embedded System [CT 655]
  6. Database Management System [CT 652]
  7. Minor Project

Fourth Year – First Part

  1. ICT Project Management
  2. Organization and Management [ME 708]
  3. Energy Environment and Society
  4. Distributed System
  5. Computer Networks and Security
  6. Digital Signal Analysis and Processing
  7. Elective I
  8. Project I

Fourth Year –  Second Part Syllabus

  1. Engineering Professional Practice
  2. Information System
  3. Internet and Intranet
  4. Simulation and Modeling
  5. Elective II
  6. Elective III
  7. Project II

Elective Courses for Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

Electives I Subjects Syllabus
1Data Mining and Ware housing
2Web Development/Technology
3Advanced Java Programming
5 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
7Bio-Medical Instrumentation
Elective II Subjects Syllabus
1Agile Software Development – CT 765 02
2Networking With IPV6 – CT 765 03
3Advanced Computer Architecture – CT 765 04
4Big Data Technologies – CT 765 07
5Optical Fiber Communication System – CT 765 01
6Broadcast Engineering – EX 765 03
7Wireless Communication – EX 765 04
8Database Management System – EX 765 06
Elective III Subjects Syllabus
1Multimedia System – CT 785 03
2Enterprise Application Design and Development – CT 785 04
3Geographical Information System – CT 785 07
4Power Electronics – EE 785 07
5Remote Sensing – CT 785 01
6XML : Foundations, Techniques and Applications – CT 785 05
7Artificial Intelligence – CT 785 06
8Speech Processing – CT 785 08
9Telecommunication EX 785 03
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  1. Pushkar says:

    Can you please provide me with the pdf version of bct syllabus. It would be a lot easier for me to print those all once. Thanks

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    can u plz upload syllabus for agile software development(elective 2)

  3. punknotdead says:

    would you mention the credit gained in each subjects.

  4. manish says:

    can u plz provide me syllabus for multimedia system

  5. Neeraj Neupane says:

    isnt there mobile computing in elective?

  6. Biratkc says:

    could you please ipload the syllabus for Bio Medical Instrumentation

  7. Maheshwar Sharma says:

    May I get notes of DSAP

  8. Ram Pandit says:

    Could You also please provide the old syllabus before the revision on 2066.

  9. Aman G says:

    Can you say about the laptop necessary for a computer engineer?? like which processor, what amt of ram, hdd??? this would be really helpful

  10. Pawan Paudel says:

    Great website brother for engineering students!!!

  11. ts says:

    the coa notes page and instrumentation notes page directs to the same page

  12. Krispy says:

    How do I convert these syllabus to ECTS or study hour. Can I have a detailed syllabus of BCT with all subject study hours?

  13. lohsam says:

    please provide the latest syllabus of electronics, communication and information engineering

  14. pratik dahal says:

    respected seniors!!! Are you satisfied with the BE computer course of IOE.
    I’m confused whether to choose BE comp or CSIT. Anyone to clear my doubt. Is BE comp. course specific and upto the mark??

  15. Raunak upadhaya says:

    Whats the cost of doing bachelor in computer engineering in ioe!?

  16. Sagar says:

    lots of unnecessary subjects on the 1st year

  17. Ayush Bhandari says:

    Could you please upload the syllabus of Artificial Intelligence – CT 785 06 (8th semester elective III)

  18. Mahesh Raj Joshi says:

    Plz send me +2syallbus in computer engineering faculty ….

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