IOE Syllabus of Civil Engineering - BCE

This page has Complete Syllabus for Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (IOE BCE) and Course Contents along with marking scheme and credit hours of each chapter for all semesters. Bachelor in Civil Engineering (BCE) program is operated in almost IOE affiliated Engineering campuses in Nepal. Students must pass IOE Entrance exam to enroll in any fields of Engineering in both Government and Private Eng. Colleges in Nepal. Civil Engineering has good pass rate among other streams as per current trend.

The courses listed here are newly updated Syllabus (2066). It includes Course Contents for Institute of Engineering (IOE) constituent and affiliated Engineering Colleges / Academic Institutions affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal. The civil engineering courses are for four years comprised of eight semesters with two in each year for bachelor level. The details about each subject content along with the marking scheme can be viewed by clicking on each link. About four exams are held each year in BCE comprising two regular board exams and two back exams of each semester.

First Year – First Part

  1. Engineering Mathematics I  [SH401]
  2. Engineering Drawing1 [ME401]
  3. Engineering Chemistry [SH403]
  4. Fundamental of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer [ME402]
  5. Computer Programming [CT401]
  6. Workshop Technology

First Year – Second Part

  1. Applied Mechanics [CE451]
  2. Engineering Mathematics II [SH451]
  3. Engineering Physics [SH452]
  4. Basic Electronics Engineering [EX451]
  5. Engineering Drawing II [ME451]
  6. Basic Electrical Engineering [EE451]

Second Year – First Part

  1. Civil Engineering Materials[CE506]
  2. Engineering Mathematics III [SH501]
  3. Applied Mechanics(Dynamics) [CE503]
  4. Engineering Geology I [CE503]
  5. Strength of Materials [CE 502]
  6. Surveying I [CE 504]
  7. Fluid mechanics[CE505]

Second Year –  Second Part

  1. Hydraulics [CE555]
  2. Surveying II  [CE554]
  3. Theory of Structure [CE551]
  4. Probability & Statistics  [SH552]
  5. Engineering Geology [CE553]
  6. Building Drawing [CE556]
  7. Soil Mechanics [CE552]

Third Year – First Part

  1. Theory of structures ii[CE601]
  2. Water Supply Engineering[CE605]
  3. Engineering hydrology[CE606]
  4. Concrete Technology and masonry structure[CE603]
  5. Numerical Methods[ SH603]
  6. Foundation Engineering[CE602]

Third Year –  Second Part

  1. Design of Steel and Timber Structure [CE651]
  2. Communication English [SH651]
  3. Engineering Economics [CE655]
  4. Building Technology [CE652]
  5. Sanitary Engineering [CE656]
  6. Transportation Engineering [CE653]
  7. Irrigation and Drainage [CE654]
  8. Survey Camp

Fourth Year – First Part

  1. Hydropower Engineering [CE704]
  2. Project Engineering [CE701]
  3. Transportation Engineering II [CE703]
  4. Estimating & Costing [CE705]
  5. Elective I [CE725]
  6. Design of RCC Structure [CE702]

Fourth Year – Second Part

  1. Computational Techniques in Civil Engineering
  2. Engineering Professional Practice
  3. Technology Environment and Society
  4. Construction Management
  5. Project (Part II)
  6. Elective II
  7. Elective III


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