Registration Process for Nepal Engineering Council (NEC)

 nepal-engineering-councilWith the aim of making engineering profession more effective, Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) was established under the Nepal Engineering Council Act, 2055 . The council has been vested with the statutory authority for the planning, coordinated development and monitoring of engineering profession and education in the country.

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The Engineering Council Act defines the registration of engineers into three following categories

  1. General Registered Engineer
  2. Professional Engineer
  3. Non-Nepali Registered Engineer.

Registration Process in NEC

Registration form can be submitted by all who have completed all the courses of Bachelor Degree in Engineering from any Engineering College authorized by Nepal Engineering Council. The list of NEC recognized universities and college in Nepal and abroad can be accessed from here.

Charge for registration of Bachelor in Engineering Certificate:

  • Rs.3400 (Nepalese Universities / Colleges)
  • Rs.4400 (Foreign Universities / Colleges)

The amount should be deposited at Rastriya Banijya Bank in favour of NEC, current Account no.1093 and following documents should be submitted at NEC Office:

  • Attested copies of Academic Certificates
  • SLC mark sheet,
  • Character certificate,
  • Intermediate level or 10 +2 Transcript,
  • Character certificate,
  • B.E.Degree/provisional Certificate,
  • B.E Transcript,
  • Character certificate,
  • Attested copy of Citizenship.


Copy of ID Card or Permanent Certificate(Those who have given recommendation) must be Attested for recommendation.

After Submission:

The approval of certificate is done by the board meeting of Nepal Engineering Council and the meeting is scheduled in every 6 month. So, the applicants may have to wait for months to get valid certificate.

Before Bhadra 15th – 2072, there was provision of giving temporary certificate till the original certificate is issued but the rule has been amended. After the date, NEC is issuing a paper with form registration number and stating that the issue of certificate is on the way. Also, applicants need not to pay Rs. 300 fee which was for the temporary certificate.

Exam for Engineering Certificate?

Though Nepal Medical Council which is considered equivalent as NEC for medical sector conducts exam for issuing certificate to MBBS graduates, there is no provision of any exam till now for engineering certificate.

Contact Address of Nepal Engineering Council:

Phone No.: +977-1-4420655, +977-1-4420656


Location: Naxal, Kathmandu [Google Map Location]

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  1. Prakash Yadav says:

    What is the full account number of Rastriya Banijya Bank (14 digits A/C no) for the deposits??

  2. amrit chhetri says:

    what do you men by recommendation? can you explain it in details please??

  3. Bishal Rimal says:

    Can every faculty student of IOE Paschimanchal campus can get the certificate …..??
    What is the role of College to register the student in NEC???

  4. surya chhetri says:

    what do you mean by B.E Transcript?

  5. Anit Kumar Sah says:

    Can NEC recognize 3 year BE from india after diploma?

    • Parshuram says:

      Sir i have been completed diploma civil from india ,i get lateral entry in B-tech civil that is 3 year degree,is it valid in nepal and nec provide me licence of engineers and register my degree…

      • madan says:

        Have you get any answer since i am to in same condition ? Kindly request to reply..

        • bikash says:

          no engineering should be of four year either u have done diploma or not no matter.

          • Anil Kumar Thakur says:

            is Diploma or +2 have same credit hour ?
            is there is same syllabus have in both ?
            2+4=6 then why not 3+3=6 ?

      • Rujina Poudel says:

        Even I have the same problem I have completed diploma and BTech from India. And I didn’t see the name of my university in the list which NEC has given . What should I do now? do they provide us licence of engineer?

      • Sarphraj Ansari says:

        What is process because I am also diploma and get leet entery 3year my contect number please sir call me 9863434224

    • Janak Raj Poudel says:

      Can a student who achieve d+ grades in +2 and completes their engineering in foreign can get NEC certificates?

  6. jeetendra k. chaudhary says:

    i just naw in lebanon as peace keeper for peace keeping .bt need NEC registration cerrtificate.can my relative procees for registration .plz reply as soon possible.

  7. suman says:

    when is the next

  8. Basant yadav says:

    Indian diploma in engg. Degree should be equivalented in Nec or not if not then where these should be equivalented in nepal

  9. anodh kumar yadav says:

    The candidate had completed diploma from india and wants to study B-tech direct from second year. Can the degree be equivalent or not? Please reply as soon as possible.

  10. What is the process of registration for lateral entry student

  11. Mahammad says:

    can I get registered in NEC if I have pursued 3 year Engineering (through lateral entry)after 3 year Diploma in Engineering?

    • haaku baba says:

      No, they say they don’t recognize. why don’t you put a case in Supreme Court.

    • Nisha says:

      Same doubt

      • haakuman says:

        Nisha, Muhammad, sheraj, prem….. why dont you form a group.. and put a case in supreme court. Lateral Entry in BTech is a 4year degree. Thats why we get admission in 2nd year. If it was 3 year B. Tech degree then we would have got admitted in 1st year and not 2nd year. It is called credit transfer and it happens all over the world. Since we have already studied the required credits we got admission directly in 2nd year. If everyone comes together and put a case in court then only they will recognize.

        • Raju Dawadi says:

          I asked to the council via phone and they said that the certificate was* issued previously but its postponed for now and next meeting will decide whether to continue it or not.

          • Ajay says:

            Then from when it will be started.we are stuck with these rules and regulation. when calling them they always saying like ” we are working for new system to evaluate for equivalence process ” since it is 3 months i applied for equivalence certificate they are not clear themselves…. please if you have more information related this topic discuss with us

        • Dinesh says:

          how about the case like , i am learning outside the country Nepal but my university is not recognized yet by NEC . what might be the possible step?

          • surya says:

            FOr B Tech (lateral entry) holder you have to take extra credit hours exam of Math-i,Math-ii,physics,chemistry and applied mechanics.For further information kindly visit NEC office.

    • Sarphraj Ansari says:

      What is process of registered in nec because also 3 year Engineering after diploma in engineering

    • Sarphraj Ansari says:

      Please sir call me same problem here what process of 3year nec registration .call me sir 9863434224

  12. Shatrughan says:

    Is the issued temporary certificate will work to job as professional engineer ??

  13. Milan says:

    Do we have to write exam who have persued their degree in foreign univesities?

  14. Niroj says:

    how can I found the registration form?….it can be download and print or only can collect from NEC?

  15. Anil Thakur says:

    i am studying engineering from kurukshetra university Hariyana(India) so can I get registered in NEC if I have pursued 3 year Engineering (through lateral entry)after 3 year Diploma in Engineering ? please kindly reply …….

    • Bidyanand Ray says:

      In India’s Government approved Colleges are not take those student who have Complete Diploma Course in B tech First year. He told me to Join in Second year as AICTE Rules of India. He does not give me asmission in First year in any Government clz because i m takeing admission in the basis of Diploma Certificate, so please sir give me any solution, i m waiting for your answer

  16. Prakash says:

    I am Studying Civil Engineering in Tianjin chengjian univeristy in china Do i get registration in NEC ??

  17. aaradnana says:

    how can i get a registration form?.. can i download it and print or should i collect it from nec?

  18. Parshuram says:

    Sir is 3year degree valid in nepal i m doing b-tech from india,

  19. jay shankar says:

    how to get registration in NEC if i complete my degree from a university not recognized by the NEC? Please answer it

    • Mukund says:

      Sir i have completed my brother. Tech from India, I want to register in Nepal council, what exam they will coduct and what are requires documents from India 🇮🇳

  20. Santosh says:

    What if my university is not listed in NEC recognized university list?? I am doing my BE in Australia from University of Southern Queensland, so I can’t get NEC registration??

  21. Amit Shrestha says:

    Is it necessary to be registered for applying abroad for masters?

  22. sangita adhikari says:


  23. Nisha says:

    hello I’m doing b tech 3 years course in india after completing my diploma in computer engineering from nepal
    Is it valid in nepal ?? Can I get equivalent certificate for this?
    plz help me reply as soon as possible

  24. Uttam neupane says:

    Hello I am doing b tech engineering 3 years course in india after completing my diploma in civil engineering from nepal.Is it vailid in nepal??can I get equivalent certificate for this?plz help me reply as soon as possible.

    • Ajay says:

      can I get registered in NEC if I have pursued 3 year Engineering (through lateral entry)after 3 year Diploma in Engineering?

  25. Dipesh says:

    How often does NEC distribute the form or is it available anytime?

  26. Nancy says:

    I have completed amie exam from india .will NEC accept this engineering certificate. Please give me answer

  27. Aman says:

    Dear Raju Dawadi,
    I have done intermediate from Bihar board does, i required separate Equivalence certificate for registration in NEC.
    as i have done my B.Tech from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
    Kindly revert your response

  28. Bilcilintan Patel says:

    Sir, i am pursuing my from Lovely Professional University, Punjab,India in civil engineering through lateral entry (from 2nd year) after diploma in civil engineering from same university, and this university affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Do we all student who is pursuing there in lateral entry get equivalance of my dgree in Nepal.

  29. Aalam says:

    Is this only for B.E. or also for diploma holders? i am completed diploma in civil engineering can apply for registration or not?

  30. Keshab says:

    Previously they told us there is no problem in taking admission through lateral entry
    Now why they are creating problem to student who took already admission through lateral entry.
    Why they are not getting 2+4 and 3+3 both are same
    Even lateral admission student are studying 46+32 subject
    And 2+4 are studying 10+46 subjects

  31. Raj says:

    Attested is compulsory done by notary or also could be done by government officials?

  32. Aalam Raeen says:

    I have completed B.Tech & have 3 years of experience in engineering jobs from India. So can I apply for professional engineer’s liscence. Kindly reply any body. Thanks.

  33. binita says:

    i cannot find anywhere in the site of nec something that lets me download the registration form? how do i do that?

  34. Ujjwan says:

    How to get attested copy of citizenship and academic certificates?
    And is it okay if we provide the copy of BE transcript?

  35. Santosh Karki says:

    Do we need to renew the registration every year? Or once registered is valid for life long?

  36. surajgupta says:

    Can we still register if our institution is under autonomous and our degree is from VTU, where VTU is registered in NEC but my college is not registered???

  37. Salman khan says:

    Sir i have 12th markscard only becouse i studied my +2 from india up board so how i can apply for licence of engineering

  38. Sunil pal says:

    May I know that any student Complete their 3 year(lateral entry) that it equivalent by TU or not if not than what we can do.please reply me

  39. Sunil pal says:

    I am complete my my diploma from india and I am going to take admission in (lateral entry) 3Year .it is equivalent by TU or not.if not than what I can do.

  40. Aadarsh Bhandari says:

    I have completed my BE in lateral entry after completing Diploma in India. Can I get equivalency? If not what will be the procedure for getting equivalency? Did any cases have been registered for this case in court and what was the verdict on this case??

  41. Md khalid husen says:

    Yes I did deploma in civil engineering from India
    Is there need to equavalent and NEC registration if need then please which all documents required ply drop me answers sir

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