Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) – Introduction

nepal-engineering-councilThe objective of Nepal Engineering Council is to make the engineering profession effective by mobilizing it in a more systematic and scientific and also to register the engineers as per their qualifications. It can be said that Nepal entered into a modern phase of development process after the political change in the sixties. Engineering activities began to contribute to the development of the country and the engineering profession started to gain importance in the society.

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The engineering manpower began to grow in number and was involved in all spheres of national development. Furthermore, the introduction of democracy in 1990 encouraged the growth of establishment of engineering colleges in Nepal and the enrollment of students into these engineering colleges started rising very fast. At present it is expected that nearly 3000 engineers would be graduating from local engineering colleges every year. To make the engineering profession more effective, Nepal Engineering Council was formed under the Nepal Engineering Council Act, 2055 . As per the Act, NEC has been vested with the statutory authority for the planning, coordinated development and monitoring of engineering profession and education in the country.

NEC Act 2055 gives an outline on the formation of the Council, its tenure and the roles and responsibilities of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Registrar.

Nepal Engineering Council Rules, 2057 has also been prepared and approved by the Government as per the provision of Clause 37 of the Act. It defines the registration of engineers into three following categories.

  • General Registered Engineer
  • Professional Engineer
  • Non-Nepali Registered Engineer

NEC Rules 2057 also lay down the Professional Code of Conduct for engineers registered with the Council. NEC has developed a “Strategy document” and a 5 years log frame has been prepared (Annex-I). The product of the Strategy will be shared with stakeholders in the coming days is to enhance the quality of the documents.

NEC has also established a Quality Assurance Cell (QAC), headed by an engineering staff, which will develop programs to address the problems regarding the quality of engineering products & processes. Recently, NEC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University Grant Commission (UGC) regarding Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) which will help NEC to launch Quality Assurance Programs as well as help NEC in its capacity development in Quality Assurance. The copy of MoU signed with UGC is also annexed herewith (Annex-II).

So for, 13,179 engineers has been registered with NEC as of Bhadra 2066 (Annex-III). Total of 30 engineering colleges have been approved by the Council to run different faculties of engineering with different intake capacities.


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    If a student passed diploma in nepal and wants to tack letral entry i mean he/she wants to join B.E. directly 2nd yrs…. then this bachelor certificate can be equivalent by the NEC.? ? ? plz rply it fast..

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