Organization and Management Notes with Tutorials and Solutions

Organization and Management

Organization and Management (O & M) course (Subject Code:ME708) is set for Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering by IOE for three faculties: Electrical, Computer and Electronics & Communication for Seventh Semester.

Organization and Management course mainly focuses on organizational management and internal organization of companies required for managing an enterprise and help students acquire knowledge in the field of personnel management, motivation and leadership for developing managerial skills.

Complete syllabus of Organization and Management as prescribed by Institute of Engineering can be accessed from IOE Syllabus – Organization and Management page.


The following notes in PDF format are compiled by Bikash Adhikari (, visiting Faculty of Kathmandu University. The file consists of notes for each chapter and can be downloaded or read online.

  1. Introduction
  2. Personal Management
  3. Motivation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  4. Management Information System
  5. Case Study: The resource for case studies are on the lecture slides portion below in power-point(pptx) format.

Tutorials and Solutions

Along with the chapter wise notes, he has also compiled hints for some important questions of Organization and Management. Download: Tutorials and Solutions of O & M

Lecture notes

The lecture notes are in pptx format and has slides for almost all topics of Organization and Management. The files can be downloaded from links below:

  1. Lecture slide of Introduction to Organization and Management
  2. Lecture slide of Personal Management
  3. Lecture slide of Motivation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  4. Lecture slide of Management Information System
  5. Lecture slide of Case Studies


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