Multimedia System Notes [Elective III]

Multimedia Elective Notes and Syllabus

Multimedia System is one of the Elective subject for Bachelor in Computer(BCT) and Electronics & Communication(BEX) Engineering of IOE. The following notes are compiled by Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya to whom we are very thankful. The contents of pdf files are according to syllabus of Multimedia System. Click on corresponding chapter link to download the files or read online.

  1. Introduction to Multimedia System
  2. Sound and Audio System
  3. Images and Graphics
  4. Video and Animation
  5. Data Compression
  6. User Interface
    1. User Interface Design
    2. User Interfaces
  7. Abstractions for programming
  8. Multimedia System Application

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Raju Dawadi
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  1. […] Lecture : 3 Year: IV, Tutorial : 1 Part: II, Practical: 1.5, Course Code: CT 785 03, Course Objectives of Elective III – Multimedia System is to make student familiar with devices, systems and applications of multimedia. Following course structure/syllabus is according to latest update of IOE Syllabus and is elective for BE Computer and Electronics & Communication in all IOE affiliated and constituent engineering college in Nepal. Read: Chapter wise notes of Multimedia System […]

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