Induction Principle Proof

Fundamental Proof Techniques

  1. Induction Principle
  2. Diagonalization Principle
  3. Pigeonhole Principle

Induction Principle
The principle of mathematical induction states that any set of natural numbers containing zero, and with the property that it  contains n + 1 whenever it contains all the numbers up to and including n, must in fact be the set of all natural numbers. Let we want to show that property P holds for all natural numbers. To prove this property, P using mathematical induction following are the steps:

  • Basic Step: Firstly, show that property P is true for 0 or 1 i.e. the statement holds for the first natural number n where n = 0 or n = 1.
  • Induction Hypothesis: Assume that property P holds for n
  • Induction Step: Using induction hypothesis, show that P is true for n+1. Then by the principle of mathematical induction, P is true for all natural numbers


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