Computer Graphics Reference Note Collection

Reference Notes of Computer Graphics for Third Year – First Part of BE Computer Engineering (BCT) includes almost all chapters. If you have any more related resources, please feel free to drop comment or contact us.

Complete Syllabus with marking scheme and practicals along with related text book of the subject can be accessed from IOE Syllabus – Computer Graphics page.

Click on respective chapter or topic to read online or download in PDF format.

  1. Introduction and application
  1. Scan‐Conversion
  1. Two –Dimensional Transformations
  1. Three‐Dimensional Graphics
  1. Curve Modeling
  1. Surface modeling
  1. Visible Surface Determination
  1. Illumination and Surface Rendering methods
  1. Introduction to Open GL


Other References:

  • Possible Questions and Answers of Computer Graphics (CG) Link.
  • Presentation of all chapters Link

Special thanks to Anil Verma, Samir Thapa for providing the reference note and Dipesh Gautam for ppt presentation of all chapters.


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    good work. was searching for some reference. found my own materials.
    keep it up

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