C Programming and Fortran Note

Institute of Engineering (IOE) has introduced C-Programming course for all faculties of Bachelor in Engineering (BE) including Computer (BCT), Electronics and Communication (BEX), Civil (BCE), Agriculture, Mechanical (BME) in First year. The micro syllabus of the course with marking scheme can be accessed from IOE Syllabus of C Programming page.

The following notes are best suited according to the course prescribed by the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department of IOE.


The Note consists of following chapters with complete details:

  • -Problem Solving Using Computer
  • -Introduction to C programming
  • -Input and Output
  • -Control statements
  • -User-Defined Functions
  • -Arrays and Strings
  • -Structures
  • -Pointers
  • -Data files

The note for C Programming sourced from jayaram.com.np can be read online or downloaded in PDF form from THIS link. Other Resource Materials (Click to read online or download pdf):


The 8 hours course under Computer Programming consists of following topics of FORTRAN:

  • Character Set
  • Data types, Constants and variables
  • Arithmetic operations, Library functions
  • Structure of a Fortran Program
  • Formatted and Unformatted Input / Output Statements
  • Control Structures: Goto, Logical If, Arithmetic If, Do loops
  • Arrays: one dimensional and two dimensional

Marking scheme and time allocation for each chapter can be accessed from here.

The FORTRAN Note has almost all the required topics in details. The pdf note can be read online or downloaded from HERE.

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