Things You Must Know After Passing IOE Entrance Exam

IOE Entrance Result 2074/2017 has been published!!!

Congratulations to all the students passed in recent IOE Entrance Exam 2073/2016. The result of the exam with marks obtained and ranking can be read from IOE Entrance Result 2073/2016. The IOE Entrance Syllabus has been updated after the introduction of Computer Based Test (CBT).

Admission Process for Pulchowk and Other Affiliated Engineering Colleges

The details of admission process including online form submission is available on Admission Procedure in TU Affiliated Affiliated Colleges post.

Passing the exam is not enough but paving the way for future education is. You may miss many opportunities without proper guidance. Here are 7 things you must know for further process of admission:

  1. All IOE Affiliated and Constituent colleges (including Pulchowk Campus) will announce admission for various streams available. From this academic year, all of the constituent engineering campuses and private engineering colleges should have online admission form submission system. 
  2. On the basis of rank obtained by the applicant, the engineering colleges publish the name of successful candidates for admission according to the seats available in them for different branches.
  3. There are various streams available in the IOE affiliated colleges which can be chosen by the applicants. The faculty includes: Computer(BCT), Civil(BCE), Electronics and Communication(BEX), Electrical(BEL), Mechanical(BME), Agriculture (BGE), Industrial, Geomatics, Automobile and Architecture(B. Arch).
  4. All other streams have a total for 4 years with 8 semesters whereas B. Arch has 5 years course.
  5. Quotas are available in IOE Constituent colleges. There are Female quotas, Teacher/Staff quota, Government officials quota, Foreign quota. The reserved seat is also provided based on the ranking in entrance exam.
  6. You should get score card from IOE Entrance Website which will be available on IOE Entrance Exam website. The Scorecard contains marks you obtained along with ranking in the IOE Entrance exam. Scorecard should be submitted to respective college at the time of admission.
  7. Classes will start from Mangsir 10th, 2073 for new semester and all year – first part.

Details about IOE Entrance exam, important dates, form fillup procedure, entrance card and other tips are available on IOE Entrance Exam page. International students can also get admission in various IOE constituent and affiliated engineering colleges in any streams of BE and B.Arch.

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  1. Alsan parajuli says:

    please reply me as soon as possible its urgent to know
    maile ioe ko exam desake.mero ghar sunsari ho.yedi name niskieo vane ma dharan ko tu ma entrance ko result paxi priority form online varna milxa ki mildaina. ani k ma ktm aaunai parne hunxa. priority form varna.
    form varna dharan baata milxa ki mildaina???

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  3. Roshan ojha says:

    Please help me.
    I’m not included in 432 seats of pulchowk but i’m under 450 .
    Then where i can get full schlorship and what i have to do further for that.

  4. Saarad says: can we fill up admission forms and from which web site..and i also want to know weather we have to pay any amount for it…???plz reply soon..

  5. Niraj Tajpuriya says:

    What should I do, for the online form submission of Pulchowk campus, any branch of Sidhdarth Bank is allowed or only the branch at Patan?

  6. Abiral Pokharel says:

    Sir, can u explain all the quota seats with greater details especially the government quota. It’s confusing because the explanation done here says that the children of the government officials can apply but in the admission instructions given by pulchowk, it doesn’t mention the child.

  7. Roshan Kumar says:

    I have got 2879 rank. Can i get any partial scholership or discount in any goverment or private college? Reply me plz!

    U can contact on my number ‘9819832924’. Or on fb ‘’.

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  9. Ritu Singh rajbhandari says:

    Do we have to fill up different forms to apply in different universities or only a form is enough for all?

  10. Prabhat k. Bhandari says:

    I came in 1257 rank. Will I get a scholarship to read Agricultural engineering in Dharan?
    Please reply if you have any idea.

  11. Sudesh mate says:

    I was ranked 0n 1129th position in entrance exam.
    Will i get schlorship to study ECE in Dharan??

  12. Saroj Dangol says:

    I have got 1349 rank in IOE entrance exam 2075. Does I have any chance of scholorship in TU affiliated colleges?

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