IOE Syllabus for BE Architecture

Bachelor in Architecture Syllabus according to new Course which is Updated in 2066, Course Contents for Institute of Engineering (IOE) including affiliated Engineering Colleges / Academic Institutions affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal.


1st Year / Part 2nd Year / Part 3rd Year / Part 4th Year / Part 5th Year / Part
1.1 Engineering Mathematics I

Applied Mechanics

Basic Design I

Introduction to Architecture

Building Materials I

Drafting I

Free hand Sketching I

2.1 Design Studio III

Theory I

Building Materials II

Building Science II

Freehand Sketch II

Building Construction II

History of Western Architecture

Structures I

3.1 Design Studio V

Theory III

Building Services II

Building Construction IV

History of Nepalese Architecture

Structure III

Survey II

4.1 Practicum 5.1 Design Studio VIII

Building Construction V

Construction Management


Directed Studies


Structure V

1.2 Engineering Mathematics II

Drafting II

Basic Design II

Free Hand Sketching I

Art and Graphics II

Building Construction I

Basic Skill Workshop

2.2 Design studio IV

Theory II

Building Service I

Building Construction III

History of Eastern Architecture

Structure II

Survey I

3.2 Sociology/Economics

Design Studio VI

Working Drawings

History of Modern Architecture & Human Settlement Planning I (Urban)



4.2 Design Studio VII

Building Science III

Architecture Conservation

Human Settlement Planning II (Rural)

Computer Aided Design


Structure IV

Communications I

5.2 Thesis

Professional Practice


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